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Therapy Services

Comprehensive Evaluations

CommuniKids Speech and Language Services, LLC offers comprehensive evaluations using a variety of assessment tools to examine speech development, language development, and functional communication. The assessments will specifically look at your child's articulation, phonological awareness, pre-verbal skills, expressive language, receptive language, pre-literacy skills, literacy skills, executive functioning skills, and social communication skills. 

Following an evaluation, I will interpret the information and scores, write a report, and schedule a time with you to discuss the results and my recommendations.

Individualized Therapy Plans

After the evaluation has been completed, I will create an individualized treatment plan with goals that are tailored to the specific needs of your child and your family. Sometimes there may be a goal that directly involves you, the parent - it is important to have families involved in therapy to promote carryover in the child's natural environment. 

The goals and treatment plan that I write is a fluid document and I am happy to discuss reviewing, adding, or changing goals should the need arise.

Child-Centered Therapy

Child-centered therapy approaches use the child's natural environment and specific interests and needs to shape the way the speech therapist engages with the child during a session. If a child loves vehicles, I include books, toys, and materials that are vehicle-related. If a child learns best through movement, I incorporate obstacle courses, neighborhood walks, and dance breaks into our sessions. 

This does NOT mean the child "runs" the session! I incorporate structure and routines into our sessions, targeting the child's speech and language goals in the individualized treatment plan - but I use motivating toys and activities to do so!

Parent Coaching

Many parenting approaches center around communication - engaging with your child in developmentally appropriate ways, establishing boundaries, setting expectations, and implementing age appropriate consequences. I provide strategies from the context of a speech language pathologist - an expert in communicating with children and helping children communicate. 

If you have questions about interacting with your child, I am happy to provide strategies, ideas, and resources to support your family dynamic.

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