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In-Home Speech & Language Services
Serving families in Easton, MA and surrounding towns

An evaluation allows us to develop an understanding of your child's strengths, preferences, and challenges. Each evaluation includes a parent interview, child-therapist interaction, observation, a speech/language sample, and standardized test measures. Following the evaluation, if therapy is recommended, we will develop a therapy plan and goals to address any identified areas of need. 

Contact us for a free screening to determine if an evaluation is recommended. 

Child-centered therapy means that each session is planned specifically for your child and is based on their preferences and goals. Using evidence-based approaches, we will engage your child in fun and motivating activities as we know children learn best when they are having fun. We love to incorporate games, toys, books, and art into our sessions, all with the purpose of achieving lasting communication success.

Therapy is offered in-home and online via teletherapy.

We support children who are experiencing the following:

  • Speech that is difficult to understand

  • Delayed speech or language development

  • Difficulty saying certain sounds

  • Difficulty following directions or answering questions

  • Limited vocabulary

  • Difficulty putting sentences together

  • Poor grammar

  • Difficulty interacting with peers

  • Limited play skills

Parents are always invited and encouraged to be an active part of the therapy process. We take time each session to provide tips and tools for home practice. In addition to in-session coaching, we offer individual parent coaching sessions focused on teaching parents strategies to foster speech and language development at home.


Parent coaching is also an excellent therapy approach for children who are not ready for direct therapy. 

Meet Jessica Bunnell
Certified by ASHA in Massachusetts
Master's degree from Northeastern University
Certificate in Early Intervention
Over 8 years of experience with children ages birth to 12 years old
Experience and training in treating phonological delays and disorders, articulation disorders, language delays and disorders, social skills disorders, early intervention, and late talkers
Jessica is very dedicated to her profession and cares deeply about the families she works with. She has a strong ability to consider each child's unique needs and responds with a thorough and creative approach based on techniques and strategies to foster success.

~ Wendy D., caregiver

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